This renowned yachting challenge was initiated in 1945 and begins each Boxing Day (26th. December) when competitors leave Sydney Harbour on a 628 nautical mile challenge to Hobart in Tasmania.
There are 2 divisions. The International Measurement System (IMS), based on a computer assessment of speed and conditions, and the Tasman Performance Handicap System, a system devised for yachts not rated under the IMS.
A new category 'Two Handed" was introduced in 2021 for two handed crews.
Stragglers in the event can finish up to 7 days after leaving Sydney and the event has earned a reputation as one of the world's finest open sea challenges.
In 2014 the line honours win by Wild Oats X1 becamed the record of individual line honours wins.
Wild Oats X1 also set a new race record in 2012 of 1 Day. 18hours. 23mimutes.
Skipper Mark Richards vowed to go for line honours victory and new record in 2014 but achieved only the former.
Leaving The Heads in Sydney in 2014, the 100m. USA Maxi 'Comanche' took a commanding lead early but was overtaken along the east coast of Tasmania and completed the course in second place approximately 1 hour behind Wild Oats X1, although in 1917 with favourable conditions, it set a formidable time and new record of 1 day, 9 Hrs, 15 Mins and 24 Seconds, taking some 6 hours off Wild Oats X1's 2012 record.
This year (2023) sw the most dramatic finish ever with 'Andoo Comanche' being overtaken by 'LawConnect' near the finish line and winning by under a minute.

Winners from 1945 are:

Photo of Wild Oats X1 from the Cruising Yacht Club Files.

LawConnect overtakes Andoo Comanche at the finish line.
YearLine HonoursTime:(Days: Hrs. Mins.)Handicap Winner
1945Rani6: 14.22Rani
1946Morna5: 02.53Christina
1947Morna5: 03.03Westward
1948Morna4: 05.01Westward
1949Waltzing Matilda5: 10.33Trade Winds
1950Margaret Rintoul5: 05.28Nerida
1951Margaret Rintoul4: 02.29Struen Marie
1952Nocturne6: 02.34Ingrid
1953Solveig5: 07.12Ripple
1954Kurrewa IV5: 06.09Solveig
1955Even4: 18.13Moonbi
1956Kurrewa IV4: 04.31Solo
1957Kurrewa IV3: 18.30Anitra V
1958Solo5: 02.32Siandra
1959Solo4: 13.33Cherana
1960Kurrewa IV4: 08.11Siandra
1961Astor4: 04.42Rival
1962Ondine3: 03.46Solo
1963Astor4: 10.53Freya
1964Astor3: 20.05Freya
1965Stormvogel3: 20.30Freya
1966Fidelis4: 08.39Cadence
1967Pen Duick III4: 04.10Rainbow II
1968Ondine II4: 30.20Koomooloo
1969Crusade3: 15.07Morning Cloud
1970Buccaneer3: 14.06Pacha
1971Kialoa2: 14.36Rampage
1972American Eagle3: 04.42American Eagle
1973Helsal3: 01.32Ceil III
1974Ondine III3: 13.51Love and War
1975Kialoa2: 14.36Rampage
1976Ballyhoo3: 07.59Piccolo
1977Kialoa3: 10.14Kialoa
1978Apollo4: 02.23Love and War
1979Bumblebee IV4: 01.45Screw Loose
1980New Zealand2: 18.45New Zealand
1981Vengeance3: 22.30Zeus II
1982Condor of Bermuda3: 00.59Scallywag
1983Condor3: 00.50Challenge II
1984New Zealand3: 11.31Indian Pacific
1985Apollo3: 04.32Sagacious
1986Condor2: 23.26Ex Tension
1987Sovereign2: 21.58Sovereign
1988Ragamuffin3: 15.29Illusion
1989Drumbeat3: 06.21Ultimate Challenge
1990Ragamuffin2: 21.05Sagacious V
1991Brindabella3: 01.14Atara
1992New Zealand Endeavour3: 08.19Assassin/Ragamuffin
1993Ninety Seven4: 00.54Cuckoos Nest/Wild Oats
1994Tasmania3: 05.48Raptor / Aggro
1995Sayonara3: 00.53Terra Firma
1996Morning Glory02.14.07Ausmaid
1997Brindabella02.23.27Beau Geste
1998Sayonara02.19.03AFR Midnight Rambler
2000Nicorette02.14.02SAP Ausmaid
2001Assa Abloy02.20.46;Bumblebee V
2002Alfa Romeo02.04.58Quest
2004Skandia02.15.14First National Real Estate
2005Wild Oats X1 01.18.14Wild Oats X1
2006Wild Oats X1 02.08.56Love and War
2007Wild Oats X1 01.21.24Rosebud
2008Wild Oats X1 01.20.34Quest
2009Alfa Romeo 02.09.02Two True
2010Wild Oats X1 02.07.37Secret Mens Business
2011Investec Loyal 02.06.14Loki
2012Wild Oats X1 01.18.23 Wild Oats X1
2013Wild Oats X1
(Equal Line Honours Record)
2014Wild Oats X102.02.03.23Wild Rose
2015Comanche (USA) (NSW)
2016Perpetual Loyal 70 Giacomo (NZ)
2017Comanche (USA)
Race Record Ban (NSW)
2018Wild Oats X1
(Record number of wins - 9) (TAS)
2019Comanche (USA) Ban (NSW)
2020Race abandoned due to Covid
2021 saw the introduction of a new category to the race; 'Two handed', for craft operated by only 2 persons. The inaugural winner was the Tasmanian yacht, 'Sidewinder'. This category will be included in future results.TWO HANDED
2021Black Jack02.12.37.17Ichi Ban (NSW)'Sidewinder' TAS
2022Andoo Comanche (NSW) (NSW)Mistral - NSW
2023LawConnect (NSW) (TAS)'TBA'

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