When you click on AUSTRALIAN ATLAS you will be presented with the screen to the left. You can either zoom in to a map location or use the search box at the bottom to find a town.
A search will provide a link to a map like that at the bottom left with the town on it. You can either print this local map , or zoom out and download the full map (right) as a PDF which contains the town and surrounding area. (200km wide by 300km deep)
You can click on the state names at the bottom to see a map of that state only.

This is a Flash File. Hold down Control (MAC) and click on the map, or Right Click (PC) for a Zoom Menu.
When you click on an area of the map above you will see a map like the one at the left with your search town on it. You can navigate around the map using the navigation graphic.
Where we have detailed town maps of individual towns on the map you are using you will see a list of those linked to the map listed on the page.
Maps also have a location map like the one below so you know what area of Australia you are in.